Cyber Security
Security Operations Center

Security Operations Center

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Service matches you, if you need to.
  • Detect and reply to security threats 24/7/365.
  • Ensure the ongoing improvement of your detection capabilities aligned with the cyber threat landscape.
  • Have a transparent price setting for your security operations.
  • Ensure the compliance of your incident protection with the global practices.

We provide three different packages for MDR Service which are tailored according to your organization’s requirements

SILVER Package

Includes your infrastructure’s supervision 24/7/365.

The following things to do are included

  • Automatic detection of security events.
  • Event monitoring, processing, and reporting.
  • Unstoppable work to minimize false positives.
On incident monitoring and response stage our SOC Team uses SIEM, SOAR, Sandbox, Vulnerability Scanner and Threat Intelligence solutions.

GOLD Package

Includes analysts’ support on the response phase.

The following things to do are included

  • Silver package.
  • Evaluation of protection incidents.
  • Suggestions for incident mitigation.
  • Coordination of internal IT team till the incident’s resolution.
  • Development of the recuperation / prevention of primary incidents approach.
  • Set of correlation rules.

Includes proactive hazard lookup and cyber incidents response automation.

The following things to do are included
  • Gold package.
  • Proactive threat hunting.
  • Development of response automation customized to your infrastructure.

We also propose different methods to organize MDR according to the Customer’s goals
1) MDR as a Service - you join our MDR infrastructure and leverage the current security set up with our solutions, skilled experts and protection approaches.
2) MDR Hybrid Model – we use your MDR infrastructure and monitor / respond incidents using our own experts.