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Robotic Process Automation

“Robot” is a program that performs typical and repetitive (routine) operations and replaces employees using keyboard, mouse, and screen.

RPA-systems based on AI automates high-level operations associated with manual data entry and processing and, hence, influences decision-making processes.

Interaction with Customer's functions is carried out via the current person interface besides user intervention. Robotization is no longer a alternative for automation, however what enhances it, rushing up the processing of person guide steps and putting off inevitable human errors.

The process of the implementation consists of the following steps

  1. Initiation and planning of project management. Business application and RPA compatibility testing
  2. Analysis and formalization of requirements, description, and modelling of processes “as is” and “how it will be”
  3. Development of project documentation
  4. System implementation
  5. The trial operation
  6. Launching and training
We use UiPath Studio to develop robots and robotic scripts. UiPath Orchestrator will be used to control robots and perform according to regulations. This web application allows not only to control robots but also to monitor its activities and act as an integration point with third-party applications.

This service fits for you if

  • You need to fill the data for program and services not integrated with current information system
  • You need to integrate different information systems
  • You need to replace legacy structures with a cost-effective approach
  • You need to automate routine business processes