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Internet Of Things

Any company uses production, technological, auxiliary, diagnostic and other types of equipment and manufacturers produce lines of equipment of their own production. At the same time, both types of enterprises always face the following tasks:

  1. Increasing the efficiency of equipment operation
  2. Increasing the productivity and safety of operators
  3. Reduction of costs for the process of improving in-house production equipment
  4. Obtaining additional profit through complementary digital services.

Connected device (IoT) monitoring and control systems allow you to integrate any equipment into the digital fabric of the enterprise and begin to use telemetry readings for the benefit of decision-making and the implementation of new business models based on data.

  1. Design and development of monitoring and control systems based on connected devices is a complex multi-component project consisting of:
  2. Design and development of the hardware part of the solution (embedded system), which will ensure the collection of telemetry indicators
  3. Design and prototyping of housing and device layout.
  4. Release of documentation for putting the device into mass production.
  5. Design and development of the network part of the solution, which in relation to autonomous systems can take up the majority of the project costs.
  6. Selection and adaptation of the platform part of the system, which determines how fully and quickly the requested functionality will be implemented.
  7. Upper level software development (business applications).

GDC Services can complete all of the above project steps without involving multiple contractors, avoiding the management overhead and hassle of integrating the work of disparate teams.

GDC Services has experience in developing monitoring and control systems for companies in various industries

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medicine
  • Agriculture
  • Transport infrastructure facilities
  • Warehouses and logistics
  • Retail
  • HoReCa