In today’s world, businesses are entwined with technology. As technology is constantly changing at a rapid rate, customers are anxious about the security of their investments in technology. Planning for a secure investment becomes even more difficult if customers are looking at SAP.

SAP is a critical organizational platform that is meant to streamline business processes which in turn increase the output and efficiency. At the heart of any SAP ecosystem, delivering unparalleled performance is the SAP HANA database. SAP HANA is a revolutionary platform ideally suited for developing and deploying real-time applications that creatively integrate data analysis and application interaction into memory to relieve performance bottlenecks.

Designing a solution for a performant SAP landscape requires a deep understanding of the business requirements of the customer. In order to achieve this, we believe in building

a solution based on consulting-led approach for delivering solutions beyond the framework of traditional hardware. A consulting approach ensures in identifying appropriate technologies that best suit the customer’s current business needs and be aligned to their long-term organizational road maps.

MDX Solutions Middle East is an ideal partner that can help customers with their journey with SAP deployment—be it on popular public cloud platforms (e.g. Microsoft Azure) or industry-proven data center solutions. MDX Solutions Middle East can offer a full portfolio of infrastructure solution based on x86 servers, storage, networks, and software that meet the strict SAP certification guidelines from proven vendors such as Fujitsu, NetApp, Suse, Commvault, and Cisco.

Based on the size of the SAP landscapes, MDX Solutions Middle East can propose scalable servers (2 sockets, 4 sockets, or 8 sockets), which are certified by SAP for deploying SAP HANA databases. If the customer requests a TDI-based HANA solution, MDX Solutions Middle East consultants, with their deep knowledge of SAP sizing guidelines, can also build it with offerings from NetApp or Fujitsu Eternus storage.

MDX Solutions Middle East also has the unique advantage of being the only partner in the Middle East that is capable of proposing an SAP-centric infrastructure solution (Primeflex for SAP landscape), jointly developed by SAP and Fujitsu. PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes bridges the gap between business and IT. It enables enterprises to implement innovations from SAP much faster, making the operation of their SAP environments simpler, more efficient, and cheaper.

With experience in such proven technologies, MDX Solutions Middle East has the track record of many successful SAP implementations with customers of all sizes spanning across the Middle East, who have benefitted immensely.