Data Center Solutions

With the ever-increasing complexity of IT infrastructure and the need to do more with less, CxO’s are looking for ways to optimize their existing infrastructure and procure new agile infrastructure solutions to meet their specific business needs.

These solutions are imperative to run the business efficiently and deliver competitive leadership. However, they also demand an out of the box thinking and approach to new desigs in data center infrastructure solution that are based on proven and validated hyperconverged and converged solution sets that support existing legacy infrastructure whilst providing clear paths to on-premise and public cloud futures.

MDX Solution Middle East provides a vendor independent approach across the traditional silos found within current data center landscapes providing the latest Azure HCI, VMware VSAN and Nutanix Hyper converged reference architectures and validated appliances that are based on the Fujitsu portfolio of PRIMERGY x86 servers in conjunction with Enterprise Storage and, Networking to provide traditional and state of the art HCI solutions to customers across the Middle East.

MDX Solution Middle East is further able to leverage the Fujitsu Mission Critical Portfolio and Fujitsu Converged solutions for SAP HANA, HPC, AI, On-Premise Cloud and Public Cloud offerings to provide an end to end solution stack that addresses the majority of customer requirements.

Discover how our integrated data center infrastructure can simplify your data center project by creating optimal hybrid infrastructure combining on premises and hosted cloud data center solutions.