Public sector
Financial service
Oil & Gas

Public Sector

In the Middle East, MDX Solutions is strongly positioned in government entities, serving large number of customers in KSA, UAE and other countries.

We have over 200 technical and functional service delivery staff, delivering near-shore application services (Oracle, SAP, Siebel, Hyperion, ServiceNow and others), managed infrastructure services, security consultancy, system integration services in multi-vendor enterprise environments, product support, service desk, and end-user services.

Financial Services

In this hyper-connected era, finance Institutes must realign their IT strategy to revamp customer digital experience, simplify banking channels and adopt open banking eco systems. We ensure that our customized digital solutions for financial institutes meet the banking needs of their customers anywhere and at any time, allowing banks to create new opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

But what does this mean to banks? And why they must opt these digital channels right from front-end-customer services to back-end processes? Starting from a self-service kiosk in branches to payment and mobile investment apps, there are many channels for customers to interact with financial institutes and most vital is how you can meet the ever-rising expectations.

Partnering with MDX Solutions Middle East gives financial institutes a faster path to customer innovations. We have built an ecosystem with partners to equip you with competitive digital edge required to thrive in this hyper-connected financial era.

We use a pragmatic approach by launching or enhancing a single service to deliver multiple customer experiences that togetherhelps in achieving enterprise-scale transformation.

From profitability to customer engagement, to launching new products and services, MDX Solutions Middle east will help you realize your digital ambitions, by building the best solutions for today, and then helping to manage and maintain them into the future.

Oil & Gas

MDX Solutions Middle East is a leading service provider to the Oil & Gas production and processing industry. Our industry knowledge, customer-centric approach combined with innovative solutions help you overcome major challenges in the oil andgas sector. We can help Oil andGas customers with core Information Communication and Technology (ICT). We have staff with the necessary experience and safety training to support Oil & Gas clients. MDX Solutions Middle East can be your turnkey solution provider covering from upstream to downstream operations.

Leveraging our experience of several years working with major Oil & Gas clients in the Middle East, our goal is to support this industry with high-performance computing solutions and technology solutions. We can help you with the integration of software solutions and multi-vendor support services, thus enabling our clients to achieve the highest work safety standards, maximize their ROI and improve efficiency.

With our experience in ICT consulting and integration projects, we can easily overcome challenges faced during the rollout of complicated onshore and offshore projects. Our leading workstations and workstation virtualization solutions are helping many Oil & Gas clientswith Geophysics simulation.


Retail Industry has enjoyed a phenomenal growth in the Middle East, especially in UAE. MDX Solutions Middle East has provided industry specific solutions to several retail customers in Middle East.

We have some unique offering for the retail customers, such as Fraud prevention and detection. We can assist retail customers from designing self-service checkout to retailing point of service (POS) application.

We offer business consultancy on retail digitalization, Omni channel Analytics, Customer Insight and Contextual Marketing. We have expertise in SAP retail offering like HANA, Market Basket Analysis, POS & Multichannel Integration, On-shelf Availability, Hybris Marketing, Hybris Commerce, Lumira and Fiori.

Our unique purpose-built SAP Infrastructure solutions can cater fast growing needs of Retail industry. This solution is used by many of our retail customers in Middle East, ranging from distribution business, major malls, specialty shops to one of the largest retail chains.


MDX Solutions Middle East is working with several Manufacturing Industries within Middle East with specialization in Cement Industries. We have pre-configured solutions specific for Cement Industries.

Some of our developed solutions for Cement Industries are outlined below;

  • Pre- Analyzed Pricing Model Analytics covering Reports &dash-boards
  • Truck yard management system
  • Integration with 3rd party like Weighbridge, Attendance systems
  • FIORI based Approval Workflows
  • Net realization reporting Skeleton

We have also delivered SAP Solutions for other industries such Building Materials Company, Cable Manufacturing Company, Concrete Mixer and Trailer Manufacturer.